• STT

    Innovative technologies for the life sciences and process and environmental monitoring

Sensors Towards Terahertz (STT)

The frequency of terahertz waves falls between that of microwaves and infrared waves. Compared with infrared waves, they penetrate many materials with a higher resolution than microwaves and thus enable the identification or non-contact analysis of materials or biological tissue. The aim of the LOEWE research cluster is to conduct fundamental research into innovative terahertz technologies and sensor concepts. These make it possible, for example, to identify specific binding processes (antibody-antigen) by means of the spectral signature or to use imaging procedures to detect defects in the internal or external surfaces of a material without destroying them.


  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main

Subject areas

  • Physics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Materials science
  • Chemistry