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The fast track to research

What is happening in Hessen’s cutting-edge research? What issues are the researchers tackling and what do they want to achieve? The research initiatives supported by the federal state of Hessen and its LOEWE excellence initiative have come together to form ProLOEWE. Their aim is to present joint information about their activities and provide ready access to their research.

ProLOEWE brings together 7 LOEWE research centres and 17 LOEWE research clusters with more than 1,800 researchers. Their work is made possible through LOEWE, Hessen’s excellence programme – and hence by the general public. The subjects addressed range from medical research, innovative applied technologies and fundamental research in the natural sciences to cultural and social issues. Research is team work, often reaching beyond the borders of subject disciplines and individual institutions. Through ProLOEWE, the research initiatives are seeking to enhance their cooperation.

Those in charge of the research initiatives form the ProLOEWE Board of Directors. The Board is represented by Prof. Dr. Arno Ehresmann, Coordinator of the LOEWE research cluster ELCH and Vice President at the University of Kassel. His deputy is Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Volker Mosbrugger, Scientific Coordinator of the BiK-F LOEWE research centre and General Director of the Senckenberg Nature Research Society in Frankfurt. ProLOEWE is administered by the Senckenberg Nature Research Society in Frankfurt am Main.

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Research excellence for the future of Hessen

LOEWE is the research promotion programme that has been used by the federal state of Hessen since 2008 to set research policy trends, the objective being to give a sustainable boost to Hesse’s research landscape. LOEWE stands for “Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz” (state offensive for the development of scientific and economic excellence).

LOEWE provides support for outstanding joint research initiatives, with a particular focus on encouraging intensive networking between scholarship, non-university research and the business world. In the period from 2008 to 2015 the federal state of Hessen is providing a total of EUR 607 million for the excellence initiative.

LOEWE has three funding lines:

  • LOEWE research centres are topic-focused institutions. They each have their own decision-making structure, which is backed by partners from universities and research establishments. Annual promotional funding for a LOEWE centre is between EUR 2 and 8 million.

  • LOEWE research clusters bring together available topic-based capacities. Innovative research topics from universities in Hessen and non-university research institutes are identified and developed thanks to the promotional funding. Annual promotional funding for each LOEWE research cluster amounts to EUR 0.5 – 1.5 million over a period of three years. In exceptional cases, phase-out funding can be provided for up to one year.
  • LOEWE SME Projects are model and pilot projects whose aim is to strengthen cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research institutions in Hessen. The focus is on the introduction of marketable and technologically innovative products, procedures and services, the objective being to create added value and secure employment in the business sector. Project run-time is between one and three years.

On the basis of recommendations in the 2013 evaluation report of the German Council of Science and Humanities, the Hessen state government decided in December 2014 to extend the funding periods for the research centres and clusters by one year. From 2017 onwards, €1.5 – 6 million per annum in funding will be made available to LOEWE centres over a period of seven years. €0.5 – 1.2 million per annum in funding will be available for LOEWE research clusters over a period of four years.

Since the programme was launched in 2008, 11 LOEWE research centres (funding line 1), 38 LOEWE research clusters (funding line 2) and 218 SME projects (funding line 3) have been selected for promotional support as a result of competitive procedures.

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